Amiga 2000 Crisis Maintenance | Hackaday

Amiga 2000 Crisis Maintenance | Hackaday

Big providers shell out modest fortunes on generating guaranteed their desktops remain functioning and that they can be repaired rapidly in an emergency. You wouldn’t assume an emergency fix on an Amiga 2000, while. [RETR-O-MAT] acquired an Amiga 2000 that did boot, but was known to have a leaky battery on the motherboard. He wanted to hurry to switch the battery prior to the leakage brought on serious problems. You can see all this in the movie below.

The laptop appeared frivolously made use of in excess of its 32-calendar year lifespan, even when the scenario arrived off. The battery corrosion was obvious, while. Even the bolt holding down the motherboard was obviously corroded from the leaking battery, triggering it to be extremely tough to get rid of.

The battery leakage also made unsoldering the battery a obstacle. Numerous chips and sockets — like the CPU — were affected, so they experienced to appear out. You can see a pleasant demonstration of the “old screwdriver trick” which could possibly be eye-opening if you have only worked with SMD chips.

Even if you do not care a lot about the Amiga 2000, it is fascinating to see inside of an old laptop like this and notice the dissimilarities — and similarities — to modern designs. The movie is as a lot a tear down as it is a fix story. It also could possibly be helpful if you at any time deal with getting to tear out a leaky battery on any piece of equipment.

The audio is a bit tough to realize when [RETR-O-MAT] mentions the liquid he makes use of to neutralize the battery corrosive. It is vinegar. He refers to the corrosive as “battery acid” but, in point, from that form of battery it is a foundation. In accordance to Duracell:

Follow these recommendations to thoroughly clean up right after a battery has leaked: Operate in a effectively-ventilated area. Use home gloves and eyeglasses. Using a toothbrush or cotton swab, get rid of battery leakage from the electrical contacts. Make guaranteed the electronic device is entirely dry prior to making an attempt a new battery.

To thoroughly clean any leakage of the pursuing battery forms, Alkaline, NiCAD and NiMH batteries, use both a single tablespoon of boric acid in a single gallon of drinking water or a combination of equivalent amounts of diluted vinegar or lemon juice with drinking water (50/50 ratio).

While Duracell doesn’t point out it, [RETR-O-MAT] washed with drinking water followed by an liquor wash (you should use 90% or better for this). We would have performed the very same but made use of deionized drinking water, if we experienced any or possibly distilled drinking water.

Turns out the movie is only portion 1 for the reason that he hasn’t performed the PCB rework of changing sockets and the like however. Nevertheless, at least he’s stopped most of the problems from continuing and we bought a fantastic look inside of a extremely thoroughly clean Amiga 2000.

We have to idea our hats at the Amiga designers and fabricators. These small containers have experienced really the company life. We suppose which is why men and women are still setting up new cards for them.z

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