Text Your Toddler By way of Alexa Working with Mommy-gram

Text Your Toddler By way of Alexa Working with Mommy-gram

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You possibly really do not want to give your toddler a cell cellphone, but sending a information to your baby at property among meetings or getting that all-vital “Where are the Cheerios?!” information via text fairly than a dozen cellphone calls could be fairly great.


(and Daddy-gram) is an Alexa talent that essentially permits you to text back and forth with your baby at property with no he or she obtaining a cellphone or even needing to know how to spell or browse.

On your child’s conclude, he or she will notify Alexa to “Ask Mommy-gram to say Hi there to Mom” or whichever their information may be. Mom will then get a text information from Alexa with the information in published kind. She can reply via text, and her information will be browse to the baby via the Echo (or whichever other Alexa gadget) you have at property.

The discussion can then go back and forth or it could conclude there.

It’s unquestionably not a substitute for an just after-college cellphone call, but it can be a great way to look at in even though you’re out on a date evening or among meetings with no obtaining to enjoy cellphone tag with the babysitter. And it offers your modest baby the ability to text information in a risk-free controlled way with no handing about anyone’s cellphone.

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