CortexProg Is A Authentic ARM-Tornado

CortexProg Is A Authentic ARM-Tornado

We have acquired a tiny box of microcontroller programmers on our desktop. AVR, PIC, and ARM, or at the very least the STMicro model of ARM. Why? Some application a lot quicker, some debug better, some have nicer cables, and some others, effectively, we’re just sentimental about. Don’t judge.

[Dmitry Grinberg], on the other hand, is browsing for the Just one Ring. Or at the very least the Just one Ring for ARM microcontrollers. You see, whilst all ARM chips have the identical main, and thus the identical SWD debugging interface, they all create to flash otherwise. So if you do ARM progress with choices from diverse chip sellers, you need to have to have a box whole of programmers or shell out for an expensive J-Url. Right until now.

[Dmitry] keeps his solutions open by loading up the flash-distinct part of the code as a plugin, which allows the programmer determine out what chip it is dealing with and then lookup the ideal block dimensions and flash memory processes. Just one Ring. He also implements a speedy printf-style debugging help that he phone calls “ZeroWire Trace” that we’d like to hear extra about. Programming and debugging are scriptable in Lua, and it can do batch programming dependent on looking at chip IDs.

You can develop your personal CortexProg from an ATtiny85, two diodes, and two current-limiting resistors: the regular V-USB setup. The downside of the Do-it-yourself? Slow upload velocity, but at the very least it’ll get you likely. He’s also created a amount of fancier variations that increase on this. Version four of the hardware is just now up on Kickstarter, if you’re fascinated.

If you’re just using one particular vendor’s chips or really do not thoughts acquiring a drawer whole of programmers, you may also glimpse into the Black Magic Probe. It embeds a GDB server in the debugger by itself, which is equally a neat trick and the reason that you have to re-flash the programmer to perform with a diverse vendor’s chips. Because the BMP firmware is open, you can make your personal for the price of a sacrificial ST-Url clone, about $four.

On the other hand, if you want a programmer that performs throughout chip households, is scriptable, and can do batch uploads, CortexProg appears to be like a caviar programmer on a fish-bait spending plan. We’re likely to test one particular out shortly.

Oh and if you feel [Dmitry Grinberg] sounds familiar, you may like his sweet Dreamcast VRU hack, his investigations into the Cypress PSOCs, or his epic AVR-dependent Linux equipment.

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