Pilot Precise V5 Roller Ball Stick Pen Precision Point Ink.5mm Pack of 12 Black (35334)

Pilot Precise V5 Roller Ball Stick Pen Precision Point Ink.5mm Pack of 12 Black (35334)

Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball Pens feature a unique liquid ink formula that maintains consistent flowing strokes. With patented precise needle point technology, each pen has a ringed ink feeder for a smooth and even ink flow, and a visible ink supply lets you see how much ink is left. These pens come with 0.5mm extra fine point tungsten carbide tips and are available in a variety of colors (sold separately) to emphasize, organize, and color-code information. An all-around quality pen – pick one up today!PEN GAME ON POINT: It doesn’t matter if you’re at school, at work, in the office or writing in your Bullet Journal at home, when every detail matters, Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball Pens are the perfect tool for the job.
THERE’S A FINE LINE BETWEEN GOOD AND GREAT: That line is drawn with Pilot Precise. With a visible ink supply, premium metal clip, and precision tip, Precise pens are designed for those who delight in the details.
OBSESSED WITH OFFICE SUPPLIES? We are too! Get ready to write the most elegant to do lists, with a Pilot pen & legal pad! With striking new color options, from blue & black, to red, pink, green, purple & more, you can color-code to your heart’s content.
COMPLETE EVERY TASK WITH PERFECT PRECISION: With Pilot Precise Pens you can delight in every detail. The precision tip and smooth-writing ink help you keep work neat and organized.
YOU’VE KNOWN US FOR YEARS: Compare the luxury writing experience of our Precise pens on paper with other brands like Uni-Ball, Staedtler, Bic, PaperMate, Shuttle Art, Stabilo, Vaola, Sharpie, Smart Color Art, and Artist’s Choice.

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