GreenAir AromaWave Essential Oil Diffuser, Black

GreenAir AromaWave Essential Oil Diffuser, Black

Whether on a cross-country road trip or stuck in city traffic the AromaWave essential oil diffuser can be with you. This small and stylish diffuser gently vaporizes natural essential oils throughout your car to give you the energy you need to power through your day.Aroma on the Move – Diffusers vaporize essential oils for aromatherapy. While these are generally used in studios, offices, and at home, GreenAir now offers a compact, black diffuser that plugs into your vehicles 12V socket. BPA Free.
Transformative Aroma Therapy – Instead of the chemical smell of air fresheners, the small and stylish GreenAir AromaWave will give your car the natural and beneficial scent of aromatherapy. Whether on a cross-country road trip or stuck in city traffic, the Aroma Wave aromatic diffuser will be right with you.
Innovative Waterless Technology – The GreenAir AromaWave Essential Oil Diffuser uses a waterless light warming unit and does NOT require any water, eliminating potential splashes and spills.
Easy to Use – The GreenAir AromaWave is designed to alieve headaches, not cause them. It features an easy pull-out warming pad for effortless oil application. Simply add a few drops and plug back in.
Economic – Not only is this diffuser easy to use and hassle free, it is also extremely affordable and built to last, day in and day out.

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